Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is This Real Life? Or Just Fantasy?

Real life has been kicking my ass, hard. My hours got slashed, and while one might think that would leave more time for creative projects, such thoughts run aground against the rocky shores financial hard times. Don't expect a sudden rush of projects any time soon.

Most of my recent projects have been edible in nature.  As fitting in the recent heat, we've been trying out various different flavors of Ice Cream.

Jalapeno Ice Cream was good in small doses, but don't expect to eat a big bowl full like you might do with chocolate or vanilla. Kalen and I were the only ones brave enough to eat it.

Sea Salt Ice Cream is a favorite for you Kingdom Hearts fans, and went over quite well with the entire Studio.

Red Bull Ice Cream was okay, but never got a very creamy texture.

Monster Ice Cream was much like Red Bull, but turned out much creamier and more of a proper Ice Cream texture.

Chai Ice Cream was a hit with everyone but Jareth, who promptly insisted it we had created feet ice cream. This did not stop him from eating it anyway.