Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected Road Trip

So, you aren't getting much of a post today. Cause I'm taking a unexpected roadtrip across the state.

It's not totally unexpected, but I had thought it was going to happen next Monday. I woke up today, and get a message boiling down to "O Hi! Can have Roadtrip now?" Anyway, I'm scrambling to pack up, and be ready by the time my ride gets here.

Tomorrow will either be an update to Eldritch Adventures, or spotlighting another associated artist. Maybe both!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Chains of Ravangel Ringworks

Today I'm going to talk about and show off some of the works my good friend and roommate. He goes by Jareth Valentine. (Seriously. He answers to it in Real Life. He gets mail by that name.) He makes chainmaile. Well, he does a whole lot more then that, but chainmaile is what I'm here to talk about.
Here is some of his necklaces. These are some of his smaller items, but they are his more popular works and sell very well. This is just a small sample. He uses a wide variety of styles and materials with his chains, and an even wider variety with his charms. He makes some of the charms, spends a lot of time hunting down unique ones at thrift stores and flea markets, and others he trades with other artists for. I myself own a very nice choker he made. It's all brass with a hand cast brass dragon charm. It's a personal favorite.
These are his bracelets. Mostly without charms, these are very popular, and he always keeps a stock available. Here you can also see his business card. That is his valid email address: That email is the best way to contact his for commission information or just general questions about his work.

But maybe this isn't what you are interested in. Maybe you don't wear bracelets and don't want a necklace or choker. You want armor! When you here chainmaile you think guys in chain tunics and girls in skimpy metal bikinis. Well, you are in luck. Because he does though to. Here is a picture of one of his chainmaile halter tops. This was a custom order for the girl in question.

All of his work comes with a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, he will fix it. If you outgrow it, he will modify it so it fits again. I own a very nice scalemaile vest he made for me. Prices for larger pieces vary widely based on amount of materials needed, complexity of the piece, and what material you want it made of.

These are the works of Jareth B. Valentine, owner of Ravangel Ringworks.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Screen Shot

Figured I might as well show a quick screen shot of game play from Eldritch Adventures. As you can see, it's all text based. Someone asked about a youtube video, but I don't see the point with a text based game.

Eldritch Adventures 0.02

I've recently been working on a flash based text game. It's designed to call back images of the old classics like Zork and MUDs.
It's barely more then character creation right now. I've pretty much had to teach myself ActionScript 3 as I go. I've made it using a copy of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. It's been an excellent chance to learn a new language.

You choose one of five races, each with their own traits and factions. The game will eventually have a large open ended story and allow a great deal of sandbox play. But right now it's pretty much just the character creation, and the beginnings of the starting town.

I'll post updates as I complete them. Right now goals include finishing the first town and the starting dungeon. For now here is the current version hosted on MediaFire.

Eldritch Adventures V.0.02

A Wild Blog Appears

This is the blog for Brass Dragons Studios of Media, a collection of artists and writers, forming a company that doesn't quite exist yet. It will include news of the various works of the members, along with news of the world and it's wonders.

Look forward to sculpture, paintings, props, and all sorts of writings.