Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eldritch Adventures 0.02

I've recently been working on a flash based text game. It's designed to call back images of the old classics like Zork and MUDs.
It's barely more then character creation right now. I've pretty much had to teach myself ActionScript 3 as I go. I've made it using a copy of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. It's been an excellent chance to learn a new language.

You choose one of five races, each with their own traits and factions. The game will eventually have a large open ended story and allow a great deal of sandbox play. But right now it's pretty much just the character creation, and the beginnings of the starting town.

I'll post updates as I complete them. Right now goals include finishing the first town and the starting dungeon. For now here is the current version hosted on MediaFire.

Eldritch Adventures V.0.02


  1. seems pretty cool, do post pictures


  2. I would love to see it im action on youtube.

  3. I thought about doing something like this before. There was a website a year or so ago that had their site redone to look like an old DOS system. You could only navigate the site by typing in commands at the prompt and I thought it would be cool to take that kind of design and build a text game around it.