Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookies with Heart!

So me and some friends got together and created some cookies based on Legend of Zelda heart containers.
They are sugar cookies, with food coloring. They turned out delicious. I just thought I'd share a couple of pictures.

 We just rolled them out, cut out large hearts, then cut out their center with the smaller heart shaped cookie cutter. After that we cut small red hearts out, cut them to the appropriate fraction and stuck them in the middle of the larger hearts.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Now With Extra QR Code!

I decided to use one of the many random online QR Code generators to many a code for this blog. Lets me advertise on image boards and such. I'm also looking to slap it onto my business card. Figure it's a decent way to advertise.

I support QR codes. I make a point to scan any I find, and I believe it's a field of technology that is only going to get more popular with time as smart phones start dominating the market.

Real update will come as soon as I can get the pictures from Jareth.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casting in Resin, a Guide For the Poor

So, I has some people express interest in how I cast my miniatures. The original are usually green stuff or gray stuff, and I sell resin casts of those.

The method I use for resin casting is very, very simple, and it comes from a guide a friend of mine sent to me. Apparently this guide is getting passed around the tabletop war-gaming crowd as a way to flesh out an army. From what I know, there it's a bit questionable legally when used for Warhammer 40K,  Warmahordes, or any other licensed, copyrighted miniature, but I know it's perfectly legal when casting original sculpts.

That's okay with me though, cause I'm just casting my own creations. The guide, which can be found here, has several tips and tricks you can use to cheaply, and easily cast  your own gaming army.

I personally use the silicone trick, and cast the miniatures in a fast curing, white casting resin acquired from my local Hobby Lobby. The detail has always come out great, although I've had purist insult my technique for not using RTV silicone for my models.

I find that a drop of acrylic hobby paint for every table spoon of pure silicone caulk will cure fast and strong, and using Vaseline thinned with mineral spirits provides an excellent mold release. I use injecting molding to make the casts, and usually find myself with minimal flashing to clean.

It's an easy process, and I highly recommend anyone with an interest in the hobby try it out sometime.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coming Attractions

So, I don't have anything new to show off currently. Right now most of our projects are works in progress and I don't really have a good enough camera to take shots in the middle of things.

But I can tell you about all the nifty things we've been working on!

Jareth is been focusing on his chainmaile plushies. He's been getting lots of interest and good feedback from them, and it's his current focus.

Kalen is working on plushies of her own. These are made of more traditional cloth materials. The subjects, how ever more then make up for the mundane nature of the the building material.
This is in addition to work she is doing on Pokemon Badges.

I have been working on custom gaming miniatures. Once I get them were I like them, I'll be making molds and selling resin casts to anyone interested.

And the current group project is the Custom Power Coins I mentioned last post. Currently we've go a lion and a hammerhead shark in the works, but Jareth needs approximately 25 customs coins for his fan movie. So this is a big project that's taking up the focus of a lot of the studio.

And that's all the exciting things that I'm not showing you for now. Hopefully next week I can get some pictures up of all the nifty sparklies.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Let's Try This Again, Eh?

Sorry about the large hiatus. I spent some rough months, but I've finally nailed down a solid, permanent job. It doesn't pay great, and it's only part time, but it should keep the internet on and a rough over my head.

So now I've got some time to put to this blog. As you saw from last weeks entry I'm still trying to keep it on the creations of our local artisan group. I'll post photos of what I can, but I don't have a digital camera anymore, and the one of my phone isn't worth the effort.

Still there should be some nice projects coming down the line soon for me to show off. You should see some very nice custom Power Coins from the old Power Rangers being created soon. And Kalen is working on some Pokemon Badges for resin casting that we should be selling soon.

See you guys next update.