Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animals of Chain

I've spoke of the works of Jareth Valentine before. How he makes chainmaile. Well, recently he's been knitting those chains into something very interesting and highly unique. He's been making plushies. Out of chainmaile.

Interesting, eh? I don't know of anyone making such creations. Well, a quick and dirty web search found me a couple of chainmaile teddy bears. And a lot of bears wearing chainmaile armor.

These critters are surprisingly soft and cuddly. Made from aluminum links, and stuffed with standard poly-fill, the end result is huggable, yet durable.

They are limited editions, as well. Mr. Valentine has sworn to never produce two of the same animal, so if there is one you want, I suggest contacting him soon. So far, he has only produced the Cat, the Rabbit, the Frog, and the Snake. A Wolf has been commission already. His email is Or you can email me, and I can relay orders.

As you can see from the pictures a variety of colors are available, as well as the bright aluminum. He can also produce these in a limited range of other metals. These include brass, bronze, copper, steel, and titanium.

And yes, the snake has a rattler. I understand it's crafted from polymer clay.


  1. Maria here - Tinsel the Kitty has been claimed and will be coming with me when I come to visit. Which should be any day now, as soon as we can pack the car.

  2. They look cute. How much do they cost?

  3. i like m all! what about the price?
    +1 and following!!

  4. You have to email Jareth for the price. All the ones I have photos of are already sold or spoken for.

    You'd have to commission a new one and discuss prices with him.

    Email him at

  5. Standard price is 90$ each, although I'm having a sale right now to raise money for materials. 20$ off all commissions made in the next 30 days.

    Trellis the Treefrog is still for sale. He's obviously not a new commission, but I'll let him go for the sale price anyway, since he's slightly smaller than the rest.

  6. Excellent post. By far the most interesting I've read recently. I'm thinking of ordering a plushie for my girlfriend or, hell, even myself.